Paxil Withdrawl-Induced Bus Crash in Switzerland Killed 28 (22 children)

Swiss Bus Crash


In March 2012 a coach carrying 52 people crashed in a tunnel in Sierre, Switzerland. 28 people died, 22 of them children, many more were injured.
The final report of the year long investigation was inconclusive. One startling fact was overlooked. The driver of the coach, 34 year-old Geert Michiels, had recently been told by his doctor to reduce his Seroxat dosage by half, furthermore, according to his widow, he failed to take his Seroxat on the day of the tragedy.

Hopefully, my research into this may get people talking. Please, don’t just like this post – read it first. The work I do is voluntary, my only payment is your eyes.

We owe it to the parents of the deceased children to start asking our own questions. If any of the victims were your children, you too would want answers.

~ Bob Fiddaman.


Sierre, Switzerland, March 2012

There were 52 on board, 28 people perished, 22 of them were children. The other 24 pupils, all aged between 10 and 12, were injured, including three who were hospitalized with severe brain and chest injuries.

The exact cause of the crash has never been determined. The driver, Geert Michiels (34), also perished in the crash. An investigation showed that Michiels was not intoxicated.

A full investigation into the crash was carried out by Swiss Chief Prosecutor Olivier Elsig, the results of which were inconclusive. He ruled out the involvement of a third party, shortcomings in the road surface or the tunnel infrastructure. Excessive speed, alcohol or technical problems with the vehicle were also ruled out. He, at no point, could determine whether or not Geert Michiels carried out an act of homicide/suicide with the vehicle. In fact the final report leaves more questions than it does answers.

Michiels had driven the coach through a tunnel, he mounted the curb, made no attempt to apply the brakes, and crashed head-on into a short wall. Photographs of the scene were taken by one of the parents whose daughter was killed in the crash. Her photo’s, taken whilst visiting the tunnel sometime after the tragedy, show how Michiels mounted the pavement and made no attempt to steer the coach back into the road, opting instead to drive straight into a wall. (Photos here)


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