Man At Low Risk for Self-Harm Commits Suicide

Suicide Remeron Antidepressant 06/09/2008 Wales Man At Low Risk for Self-Harm Commits Suicide Summary: First two paragraphs read:  “A FATHER considered by doctors to be a low suicide risk shot himself in the head.” “Raymond Charles Parry, 54, of Pen y Gaer Road, Garth, near Llangollen, was trying to wean himself off the anti-depressant Mirtazapine […]

Woman School Teacher Molests 15 Year Old Student: Has Him Kill Spouse – Green

Paragraphs 34 through 36 read:  “”I was on Prozac, so I was hyper,’  said Smart.  ‘I was talking really fast, and I already talk fast. I was out of it’.”

“According to Wojas, Smart’s Prozac dosage was incorrect.”

” ‘Pam was on Prozac, she weighed 102-105 pounds,’  said Wojas. ‘She was little and had a much higher dosage; it made her manic, talking fast’.”

SSRI Stories note:  There is a second article after this first article which explains more about the Prozac she was taking at the time of the murder and of her sexual relationship with her 15 year old student and how she asked the student to kill her husband.

20 Year Old Woman Kills Self

Paragraph 34 reads:  “Liz Haas had taken anti-depressant medication for only five days before her death.”

26 Year Old Commits Suicide

Paragraph 7 reads: “He had been given antidepressants, had a number of assessments carried out and had also been briefly sectioned under the Mental Health Act.z’

Police Officer Commits Suicide

Suicide Med For Depression 2011-08-08 Texas Police Officer Commits Suicide Summary: Paragraph four reads: “This officer made some mistakes that could have gotten him in trouble at work. These mistakes in the big picture were minor. Some bad medication and alcohol took his life. Fair or not, it happened, and we can now all learn […]

California Business Man Kills Self: Was Testifying in Trial

Paragraph two reads:  “Wise committed suicide Wednesday at his Camarillo home hours before he was supposed to retake the stand in the case. Relatives said in a statement Thursday that attacks on his character stemming from his relationship with Winslow led him to recently begin taking medication for depression.”

Soldiers Are Being Over Medicated for PTSD: Can Barely Function

Paragraphs 8 through 10 read:  “”The troops are overmedicated. We see it all the time. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has been more serious, especially since the November 5 shooting,” she said.”

“Thomas said counselors sometimes have to drive GI’s to their appointments and to the base because they are so heavily medicated that they cannot drive themselves. Many have chronic migraines that keep them from driving, she said.”

” ‘On average, most of the soldiers I have talked to take 20 to 25 medications per day and some look as though they are in the advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease; some actually stumble from their meds,’ Under the Hood counselor Matti Litaker said.”

Financier Kills Himself

Paragraph six reads:  “Supervising Deputy Coroner Kelly Keyes said the following drugs were found in Pang’s system: citalopram [Celexa] (antidepressant), dihydrocodeine (pain reliever), hydrocodone (pain reliever), lorazepam (anti-anxiety medication), oxycodone (pain reliever), oxymorphone (pain reliever) and THC (ingredient in marijuana).

In-Patient in Hospital Kills Self

Paragraphs 10 & 11 read:   “He was given anti-depressants, only allowed to leave on escorted visits and monitored every 10 minutes, for his own safety.”

“But on the day before he died, mental health staff ruled Mr Boss’s condition had improved and he could be allowed out on short, unescorted visits.”