Woman School Teacher Molests 15 Year Old Student: Has Him Kill Spouse – Green

Paragraphs 34 through 36 read:  “”I was on Prozac, so I was hyper,’  said Smart.  ‘I was talking really fast, and I already talk fast. I was out of it’.”

“According to Wojas, Smart’s Prozac dosage was incorrect.”

” ‘Pam was on Prozac, she weighed 102-105 pounds,’  said Wojas. ‘She was little and had a much higher dosage; it made her manic, talking fast’.”

SSRI Stories note:  There is a second article after this first article which explains more about the Prozac she was taking at the time of the murder and of her sexual relationship with her 15 year old student and how she asked the student to kill her husband.

++Prozac At Higher Doses May Cause Destabilized Behavior: Molecular Brain Journal

Behavior Destabilized Prozac 2011-03-16 Global ++Prozac At Higher Doses May Cause Destabilized Behavior: Molecular Brain Journal Summary: Last paragraph reads:  “Dr. Katsunori stated that clinicians should be careful about interpreting the behavioral effects of the drugs, but that their results suggest that  ‘Prozac may cause destabilized behavior’  at higher doses or  ‘possibly in combination with…

Physician Kills his Wife

Paragraph 19 reads:  “He said Rowan suffered from clinical depression and had a psychotic episode at the time of the murder. He had fallen into a deep depression after the January death of a baby in his unit at Olympic General Hospital, for which another doctor will face trial on charges of second-degree murder, Allen said.”

“Rowan had no previous history of violence, adored his wife and had no problems in the marriage, and was far too smart to plot such a clumsy killing, Allen said.”