Woman Physician Commits Suicide

Paragraph two reads:  “Rohini, a first year resident doctor committed suicide on late Monday evening at the hostel next to KEM Hospital allegedly due to marital dispute. She was on anti-depression pills and was consulting a psychiatrist at the hospital.”

Man Given Prison Sentence for Domestic Violence

Violence Antidepressant Withdrawal 24/08/2004 Pennsylvania Man Given Prison Sentence for Domestic Violence Summary: “In the letter, Walsh blamed his actions on the effects of withdrawal from antidepressant medication” http://www.philly.com/mld/inquirer/news/local/states/pennsylvania/9477720.htm?ERIGHTS=7712903442868068292philly::gm1000@prodigy.net&KRD_RM=7oqwuwtutvnoqnvtprnnnnnnnn|Rosie|N Posted on Tue, Aug. 24, 2004 Judge rejects call for shorter jail term Thomas Walsh will serve 13 to 37 years for beating his ex-wife. He […]

21 Year Old Woman Hangs Self

Paragraph 5 reads:  “A coroner yesterday recorded a verdict of suicide after hearing Miss Boast was already taking anti-depressants after splitting up with her boyfriend earlier in the pregnancy.”

Woman Convicted of Making False Accusations of Sexual Abuse

Paragraph 5 reads:  “The credibility of his accuser came into question after she was convicted for falsely reporting a similar incident just three months after Lackey’s conviction. She spent eight months in jail herself for the falsehoods.”

Man’s Suicide Leads to Internet Curb Call

Suicide Antidepressants 13/04/2007 England Man’s Suicide Leads to Internet Curb Call Summary: Paragraph 17 reads:  “”Although he had problems with depression he had sought medical help and was on prescribed anti-depressants as well as seeing a private specialist.” http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/displayNode.jsp?nodeId=231771&command=displayContent&sourceNode=231754&home=yes&more_nodeId1=231776&contentPK=17094637 Stuart Baldwin CHLOROFORM SUICIDE LEADS TO INTERNET CURB CALL 09:00 – 13 April 2007 A 24-year-old […]

22 Year Old Woman Attempts Suicide

A 22-year-old Cave City woman attempted suicide Monday evening by allegedly taking 17 Lexapro prescription pills, Police Chief Vernon Gann said.

Mother with Cancer Kills her Two Children & Self

Second paragraph reads: “Authorities said they learned through interviews that Gina Davis had expressed concerns to friends about the welfare of her children after her death. She was also taking medication for the treatment of depression.”

Man Kills Wife & Himself: Lawsuit

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