Sleepwalker Bites Woman

Paragraph 3 reads:  “During the first trial in August, which ended with a hung jury, defense attorney Joseph Spring said Comer suffers from sleepwalking and did not know what he was doing when he bit Chelsea Rose so badly she required stitches. The defense acknowledged that Comer consumed alcohol before the incident and had been taking medication for depression.”

Coroner Warns In Woman’s Death.

Paragraph 3 reads:  “He heard that she had been at a family celebration following news that her brother had a new job and had drunk a few glasses of wine during the evening. Last 4 paragraph’s read:  “Mr Thomas told Hatfield Coroner’s Court last Wednesday: “We have got quite a high alcohol level with therapeutic levels of the antidepressants and sleeping tablets.

Man’s Suicide Leads to Internet Curb Call

Suicide Antidepressants 13/04/2007 England Man’s Suicide Leads to Internet Curb Call Summary: Paragraph 17 reads:  “”Although he had problems with depression he had sought medical help and was on prescribed anti-depressants as well as seeing a private specialist.” Stuart Baldwin CHLOROFORM SUICIDE LEADS TO INTERNET CURB CALL 09:00 – 13 April 2007 A 24-year-old…